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Reduced Grub

Striking and compelling to support this fast growth project.

Reduced grub promotes the concept of savvy shopping and creative preparation to reduce the cost of meal times. We were approached by founder Kelly, who shot to fame in 2016 when her blog reached national acclaim in national papers and subsequent features on This Morning.

Tasked with creating a brand to support the exposure to her website and blog helping others to shop wisely and make the most of their weekly food budget.

The Challenge

Speed was of the essence when Kelly approached us to develop a brand to support the rapid growth of her online food savvy blog.

With only 24hrs until her debut appearance on This Morning, time was against us to create something striking that would support the increased exposure.

The Solution

A distinctive and striking colour combination that was rolled out online within 48hrs. Printed cards and graphics to update her existing blog provided her with the platform to grow her online community.